Dear Friends,

Welcome. I am glad you have come to visit. On this site
you’ll find information about my book The Angel in My Pocket
as well as additional resources and suggested reading. My
way of coming to terms with the vicissitudes of life has
always been through writing. The Angel in My Pocket is a
story of grief and resilience woven through a backdrop of
family history. I am a bereaved parent, a mother of teens,
and a woman who despite life’s challenges has chosen to let
the light back into life and learn from all that is placed in
her path. My blog is filled with more than a dash of gallows
humor in addition to reflections on grief and observations
about life after loss.

I hope some of my writing resonates with you. If you have
questions, comments or would like to discuss a speaking
engagement please feel free to contact me—I’d love to
hear from you.