sukey-profile-2015Dear Friends,

Welcome. You’ve likely stopped by to learn more about The Angel in My Pocket: A Story of Love, Loss, and Life After Death.  It’s about living.  Really.  Yes, it’s a memoir of my own journey through grief after the death of my daughter, but’s it’s ultimately a story about LIVING and embracing life.  I wrote this book because I needed it on my own nightstand 11 years ago.  I needed hope that someday life could be ok again.  I wanted someone to share about how grief had transformed their life and made them strong in all the broken places.  I couldn’t find many of those stories and I was determined to find a way to someday survive and thrive.  Having learned a bit along the way, The Angel in My Pocket shares some of what helped me heal.

The Angel in My Pocket is a story of that journey into grief and then back to LIFE.

Thank you for visiting  I hope you will find something in the pages of my story that inspires you to embrace the challenges life sets before us all and that you will choose to live in the lessons and the gifts that are the silver linings of those experiences.

If you have questions, comments or would like to discuss a speaking engagement please feel free to contact me — I’d love to hear from you. (You can also hop on over to social media, I’m very active there).

You are not alone and you will one day be ok if you want to be.  You will be better! Do you want to be?