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Insulating myself today

Most days I revel in nature. It has been a sanctuary and s safe haven for me all my life and most especially in the years since Charlotte died. But for some reason starting early this morning when the morning Dove started to coo it disturbed me and bothered me to my core. I focused… Read more »

No swan at Swanee’s

You know, just when I thought my life was sort of moving in the “normal” direction a bird hits my windshield or, more accurately, I run into a bird in the loo…. My great friend Stephanie pulled together a luncheon of a few gals to talk about everyone’s favorite upbeat subject “Human Trafficking”.  There were… Read more »

Puppy ICU redux…ridic…

OK, so guess what Our Lady of the Orchard did today????  I was at Angel Memoria Hospital all day with my 11 week old six million dollar puppy who fell 4 feet off of a ledge this morning and has internal bleeding and is in an oxygen tent.  Did I need this??? NO NO NO.  Oh, and did I… Read more »

Thoughts on a New York Trip

I guess it’s cheaper than talk therapy so maybe I can rationalize my trips on the acela that way?  All I know is every time I need to go to New York (which is about once a month ) that  my trip on the acela is like a vacation.  I catch up on my photo… Read more »

Maggie Norris Fashion Icon

OK, so how totally gorgeous is this jacket?  It is called the Astaire jacket and it was designed by Maggie Norris couture. Normally people like me don’t get to meet people like her but, well, last spring the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston must have been in desperate shape and they invited me to… Read more »

Karting in Indiana

September 2011  Indianapolis,Indiana Sunday morning sunrise in Indiana.  As we zip along the interstate highway Cabot and his tuner/coach, NASCAR racer Brian Keck are chatting about strategy for today’s racing.  It is our fourth day here in Newcastle and our second day of the Manufacturers Cup.  I glance out the window to the left and… Read more »

Horses in for tea

Guess who came to tea yesterday?  Lucy, that’s who. Who, you ask, is Lucy?  Why she is a 9 year old Canadian mare who thinks that she is  a Labrador Retriever and has a softness for sweet talk and carrots.  Well, don’t we all? It all started when Michael and I were eating lunch and… Read more »