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Cellular Memory

July 22, 2010 CELLULAR MEMORY This morning after the storm the day dawned one of those crystal clear days that let us know that the humidity is leaving and Autumn is coming.  The stifling heat was gone.  All that was left was a gorgeous day, fully sunny with big fluffy clouds in the sky. Everything… Read more »

We are expecting!

September 2007 Our family has some very exciting news:  We are expecting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jack Russell puppies that is Please stop the bickering and fighting, I’m sure there will be a puppy for all of you in your stockings this year.  Puppies are due on October 6 which happens to be Columbus Day Weekend so we will… Read more »


November 2010 I was just lying in bed next to my daughter Beatrice.  Michael is in London.  It was time to get up for me but I didn’t quite have the energy .  My allergies have me quite tired lately and my early rising tendencies are lacking (I love greeting the dawn at 5:30am.  It… Read more »

Rather Offensive Scarf

WOW AM I AN IDIOT!!!  Honestly, I can be irreverent but I generally pride myself on being appropriate and considerate of other cultures and social mores.  WOW AM I AN IDIOT!! So a few months ago an acquaintance of mine, Swanee Hunt (see previous blog entry) offered me a chance to audit her January intensive… Read more »