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Facing the Storm

  It’s a daily choice.  Sometimes even a choice by the minute.  Misery is an option; I’ve learned the hardest way possible if we are careful about how we wear our misery then some day much of it will be replaced with a quiet grace and, if we work at it, even a triumphant joy… Read more »

February is a time for LOVE NOTES

Who needs more love? Pretty much everybody. When was the last time you received a hand written note? And for those of you who still adhere to the Emily Post etiquette (God love you, you fabulous hold outs) when was the last time you wrote or received a hand written note that wasn’t a thank… Read more »

Kissing 50

On my 40th birthday I felt as if I was turning 100. Worn out from my middle child’s sudden death 5 months prior, I was fragile and tired. Ten years later I am a different woman in all regards and as I sit here kissing 50 I’m feeling rather youthful. There’s a sense of renewal… Read more »