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Angel Day

If I’ve ever doubted the mind body connection I am reminded of it at several key points throughout the year. Today marks the anniversary of Charlotte’s death.  In the span of 3 hours on a hot summer day in late August of 2004 my world, my gut, my family was irreparably split open.  While our… Read more »

Facing the Storm

  It’s a daily choice.  Sometimes even a choice by the minute.  Misery is an option; I’ve learned the hardest way possible if we are careful about how we wear our misery then some day much of it will be replaced with a quiet grace and, if we work at it, even a triumphant joy… Read more »

Melancholy Paperback Publication Date

As it is with many ‘hallmark’ days for those of us who have suffered great loss and personal challenge, today is a mix of highs and lows. The paperback version of The Angel in My Pocket launched today.  I’m thrilled.  Writing the book involved digging back in to places that I had worked very hard… Read more »

Boston Marathon Bombers

This is a re-post of what I wrote last year after the Bombing with a photograph of this year’s finish line.   I’m so proud of Boston.  I’m so proud of us. Here we are at the end of a surreal week that was filled with horrific events and unspeakable anxiety. I have been unable… Read more »

Toasting Grief

Good grief.  We were a motley crew ranging in age from 25-50.  A medium, a Zen hospice physician and two authors of memoirs on grief, healing and the afterlife.    At the start of the evening we were four individuals intimately acquainted with death but not each other. Seated at the dinner table last night what… Read more »

Insulating myself today

Most days I revel in nature. It has been a sanctuary and s safe haven for me all my life and most especially in the years since Charlotte died. But for some reason starting early this morning when the morning Dove started to coo it disturbed me and bothered me to my core. I focused… Read more »


It takes a lot to shock me.   It’s not that I’m jaded and have seen it all by any measure but I like all types and generally am non-judgemental (ok, extremely judgemental about the unimportant stuff like shoes and clothing and art but non judgemental about life decisions and that sort of thing) which leads… Read more »