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Melancholy Paperback Publication Date

As it is with many ‘hallmark’ days for those of us who have suffered great loss and personal challenge, today is a mix of highs and lows. The paperback version of The Angel in My Pocket launched today.  I’m thrilled.  Writing the book involved digging back in to places that I had worked very hard… Read more »

“Was writing your book cathartic?”

Having recently released a memoir and going out to speak about it with other people there’s one question I can count on being asked at almost any venue: “Was writing this book cathartic?” The first few times that I was asked this question I had to pause before my response. I wanted the answer to… Read more »

Blog Hop– Writer’s Writing

Blog Hop:  Writer’s on Writing  May 12, 2014 Writing is generally a solitary pursuit.  For most it requires quiet and for many (hello easily distracted mommy) it requires isolation (hello library cubicle facing the wall).  As such, it has been a great comfort to also have found a community of writer’s who work actively to… Read more »

Writer’s Retreat

I signed up to attend a Laura Munson Haven retreat after completing my first book (The Angel in My Pocket. Viking. Release July 2014). The process left me creatively and emotionally exhausted and I was looking for inspiration for my next writing project. The scenic setting on a quiet lake in Montana along with the… Read more »