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The gift of sharing a special space

It’s easy to make any event took more extravagant, majestic and lovely given the backdrop of a wood paneled 150 year old dining room and 200 year old grand dame of a home.  It’s almost cheating from the standpoint of hosting.  But there is so much more to this privilege than a wood paneled dining… Read more »

My life from Kodachrome to jpg

I tackled a project today that I have wanted to do but avoided for over 10 years.  Today I found the strength and the time to go through and label photographic negatives (remember them?) from 1995-2004.  I’ve been afraid to do this as the project requires viewing the timeline of my life as a young… Read more »

How does one hug a house?

How does one hug a house? How can I embrace a home that embraced me at a time when I most needed it?   Yesterday I wandered room to room, tracing the outlines of the french door windows, running my hands over the door handles and the fixtures in the bathrooms, breathing in the smell… Read more »