Horses in for tea

Guess who came to tea yesterday?  Lucy, that’s who.

Who, you ask, is Lucy?  Why she is a 9 year old Canadian mare who thinks that she is  a Labrador Retriever and has a softness for sweet talk and carrots.  Well, don’t we all?

It all started when Michael and I were eating lunch and I remarked that the front lawn needed to be mowed.  Just beyond the fence there were 25 horses grazing in the field so Michael and I looked at each other, stood up, and walked over to the gate to let the horses in to the yard.  Short grass and fertilized lawn coming right up….

Have you ever watched horses grazing?  It is hypnotic.  The crunching and munching sound is both silly and soothing…..until they start eating the Hydrangeas and cribbing on the new porch boards that is.

Anyway, Michael and I then moved back to the porch and struck up a conversation about my eccentric family (oh DON’T GO THERE) and how so many relatives brought their horses into the house at one time or another, etc, etc and even my distinguished Great, Great Uncle Cameron at one time kept his prized Polo ponies in the Living Room of the Ambassador’s Residence when he was Ambassador to Japan (you can imagine how well that one went over….).  My family might be weird about horses but HIS FAMILY MADE GIN IN THE BATHTUB!

So one thing leads to another and we’re getting kind of bored and it’s late in the day and we thought, hey, what the heck, let’s see if we can get Jaxx (my favorite horse) into the house.  Well actually, Michael was completely against the idea and promptly left the porch after telling me in no uncertain terms that there would be no horses in the house.  Fortunately I was having a selective hearing moment paired with temporary short term memory loss so his loving instructions just didn’t quite make it all the way in to the “processing good ideas vs bad ideas box” in my head.

Sure enough, along came some perfect accomplices in the form of Joy and Brittany from the Stable who had been watching from afar and saw the horses in our yard and thought is was a mistake.  When they arrived I got them to buy in to my adventure and we started coaxing Jaxx up on to the porch.   Jaxx made it up the stairs and to the front door but then decided that there was something funny about the gilded frames, threadbare rugs and lack of hay and he decided to turn back.

Lucy on the other hand was quite curious about the house and basically waltzed right through the front door.  What a gal!

Fortunately she left only footprints on the carpet.  I had a tough time explaining that one to Michael.  He didn’t think it was nearly as funny as I did….