Puppy ICU redux…ridic…

OK, so guess what Our Lady of the Orchard did today????  I was at Angel Memoria Hospital all day with my 11 week old six million dollar puppy who fell 4 feet off of a ledge this morning and has internal bleeding and is in an oxygen tent.  Did I need this???

NO NO NO.  Oh, and did I mention that last Thursday night (yes, 6 days ago) this samepuppy had a door opened (not by me just for the record) onto his cute little snout and fractured his sinuses so I was at Angel Memorial at 5am last Friday morning as well.

Oh, and did I mention that this little guy is 11 weeks old?  Or that I haven’t even told anyone that we HAVE a new puppy because we JUST GOT HIM. I bet the people at Angel think I abuse my dog.  They would absolutely have called DSS if this had been a child.  I have been in the ER twice in 5 days.

 Oh, and did I mention- and this is when the story gets tossed into the “truth is stranger than fiction” category- that last year (2005) in September I ran over one of our Jack Rusell Terriers and killed it.


The next week our breeder sent us a new puppy who we named Pogo.  He was extremely constitpated and had to have TWO ENEMAS in four days so I sent him back.  The breeder sent us another puppy named Bingo who was really cute and promptly ran away after one week never to be seen again.


 So One plus years later we get this sweet new Jack Russell and we name him Pogo because we liked that name and actually never REALLY got to use it except for on the old Pogo who was originally named Lucky and then we changed his name to Pogo and then back to Lucky when it turned out that not only was he constipated but he was also unlucky and not going to live with us in Weston.  (he is fine now with another family so we hear but whatever- I don’t do enemas).

Yesterday (the day before this catastrophe) our vet (Wayland Animal Clinic) phones me as a follow up on Pogo as they received paperwork from Angel Memorial about an ER visit and they wanted to chat with me.  “Mrs Bigham” they politely said “Angel sent us paperwork on your dog Pogo from last week but they said he was a puppy and our records show that he is over one year old so we are confused”.


 So I straightened that one out and then promptly went in the next day with the new Pogo and a new injury.

Oh, and did I tell you that I went in this morning only because when Pogo fell he was limping and Michael said I should bring him in which I begrudgingly did???  And then I left him there for Xrays and went to play tennis cause I figured “No big deal, placate the husband, make sure the dog is ok, yadda yadda yadda”.

 Oh, and did I tell you that while I was playing tennis (pretty well thanks for asking) that they tried to take xrays of the puppy and as they put him into position he KEELED OVER and they had to do CPR and give him oxygen?????  So when I went to pick up my puppy with the fractured epiphysial plate (don’t ask) they instead told me to RUSH to the hospital and by the way if he stops breathing here’s how you do puppy CPR?  CHRIST!!!!!

 Oh, and did I mention that on the way to the hospital he did stop breathing so I turned around and went back to the vet until he recovered and then I went back to Angel Memorial?  No stress there, no sir-ee.

 Are you with me?  I SWEAR THIS IS TRUE!!!

 Oh, and did I mention that Michael and I split a bottle of white wine this evening and that I think Valium is next up on the docket????  Well, anyway, since you are likely wondering at this point I will give you the Pogo update:

 We don’t know.  He has fluid in his lungs and is currently in the puppy ICU at Angel in an oxygen tent.  The next 48 hours are critical.  We think he will be fine as he is doing well thus far but we will know more in the morning.

 Oh, and did I mention that we have had this puppy for 10 days, that he is extremely cute and that we have now spent over $2000 on him and that doesn’t even include this stay at the hospital which will be a minimum of $2000 and 3 nights?  Happy Valentines Day to moi.

 Hope you had a better day than me.

 Think happy, healing, positive thoughts for our sweet Pogo.  He will be fine but he doesn’t deserve this and it’s tough on all of us.

 You know what, I send so much silly stuff around you probably think I am kidding but I am not.  This is not a cry for help nor a vent.  I actually just wrote this as a response to my friend Betsy and as I read through it I realized how ridiculous is all is and that it was worthy of sharing.

 Welcome to my world.  Is this what they call a blog?

PS  Our Betta fish died a month ago.  Shall I write to you about that day as well?