Thoughts on a New York Trip

I guess it’s cheaper than talk therapy so maybe I can rationalize my trips on the acela that way?  All I know is every time I need to go to New York (which is about once a month ) that  my trip on the acela is like a vacation.  I catch up on my photo books.  I catch up on email correspondance.  I write letters.  I plan.

I THINK.  Damn, sometimes I even sleep.  What a concept.

So New York was lovely today.  Warm weather.  Blue skies.  I went and met with me pal Jennifer and we had lunch.  The weird thing  was.. there we were, strolling along the side of the Natural History Museum when we passed a COFFIN with an American flag draped over it.  OK, so what is really weird is Jennifer says “Oh yeah, that’s the coffin.  I’ve gotten kind of used to it and it’s better than the big blow up rat that they sometimes bring”.  Excuse me?  What is up with that????

Closer inspection of the coffin revealed a faux body with a hard hat on and a big sign talking about how toxic asbestos removal is blah blah blah.  Apparently it is a nasty  scab tactic of the unions.  I think it is incredibly gruesome.


But not so gruesome that it kept us from having a delicious lunch at     ———– and a conversation about her screenplay  and of course, ME and then we said our goodbyes and I went to a local gallery to see THE COOLEST thing.  This Korean artist has taken her favorite books (everything from Andy Warhhol to “To Kill a Mockkingbird” to children’s stories, to Masters and Johnson and then she has made jackets for them out of Lucite or some sort of plastic that then changes colors and is illuminated so when they sit on the shelf or the coffee table they are just irresistible.  Very very neat idea.  The gallery owner, Bryce, was also pretty helpful.  He loved that they were getting more foot traffic in their new location on 10th and W25th.

After that I went to see one of my favorite couturiers Maggie Norris where I ooed and awed over all of her gorgeous pieces.  I had a fitting for this extravagant and yet casual and fabulous cutaway jacket that I purchased from her last spring.   I’m counting on wearing it a zillion times in the next 25 years to amortize the cost.  Naturally she talked me in to another purchase when I was there.  She is now making this sort of cummerbund meets obi meets taffeta party bow meets corset piece.  So I bought one in pink.  Not sure how I will get in or out of it but is sure is pretty.

So now I am back on the acela listening to other self important people jabbering on their cell phones.  The man across the aisle is on the phone with his mother who just was bitten in the face by their Jack Russell Terrier and is on her way to the ER.  The woman behind me is cooing to her kids about bedtime and save me some soup.  The man in front of me has the most OBNOXIOUS and affected voice it almost makes me laugh except he thinks he is so serious and fabulous.  I am just trying to discern if he actually is trying to sound British or just posh.  I think he just sounds like an idiot.  He is one of those guys who uses his clients name 3 times in a sentence because he long ago took a Dale Carnegie course or something in speaking that told him to keep his audiences attention he needed to address them by name.  Or maybe he was really well brought up but I doubt it with that phony accent.  UGH.