What we do when the unthinkable
happens? We have choices, of course.
We can break, become tough, allow
cynicism to seep into all our broken
places. Or, as Sukey Forbes illustrates in
this remarkable book, grief can kick the
door wide open and let the light in. The
Angel in My Pocket is a devastating and
beautiful paean to the human spirit.

Dani Shapiro, bestselling author of
Devotion, Still Writing, Slow Motion

How do we bear the unbearable? In this
heartbreaking book, a bereaved mother
offers an unflinching account of the
different ways we grieve and the
different—and surprising—ways we
may begin to heal.

George Howe Colt,
author of The Big House

If your life has ever come to a halt, if you
have wondered how to want to live again, if
you are looking for hope and longing for
courage in the face of grief, if you seek
staunch honesty and are keen to hear it
from someone who knows firsthand that
privilege does not protect you from pain,
read this book and know that you are not

Laura Munson, New York Times bestselling
author of This Is Not the Story You Think It Is